What is pH and why should your care about it?

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What exactly is pH?

The Potential of Hydrogen (pH) is the quantity of hydrogen or hydroxyl ions in a solution and it determines whether the solution is acid or alkaline. The scale measure goes from 0 to 14, it's neutral point being 7. Anything below 7 is considered acid, anything above 7 is considered alkaline. 

Skin is usually just a bit acidic with a pH average between 5 and 6. Soap bars have a pH of 8 to 11, while astringents and toners have a more skin-similar pH of 4.5 to 6. 

What is pH and why should you care about it - Skincare - Tips

Why should you care about pH?

According to Stephanie Tourles, holistic esthetician, "skin maintains a healthy pH by forming an acid mantle from the combined secretions of your sweat and oil glands". She suggests applying toners or astringents that are appropriate for your type of skin after using a mildly alkaline cleanser to return your skin to its proper pH. "Such products (toners/astringents) help prevent bacterial penetration and the flaking, dryness and tightness that can come from using soap-based cleansers".

Your goal is to keep a balanced skin pH, and to moisturize properly- never stripping your skin from its natural oils. It's important to find out your type of skin and adhere to a skincare ritual, a balancing, nurturing ritual. 

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