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Eat your herbs. Apply your herbs.

Someone once said that if you can safely eat plants and herbs, there is a good chance that you can do a ton more of interesting things with them. This includes creating your own homemade products and keeping an eye out for companies that create their blends with these powerful ingredients. Herbs have long been used because of their medicinal properties and to use them for self-care and beauty is the smart way to go.


“My love affair with nature is so deep that I am not satisfied with being a mere onlooker, or nature tourist. I crave a more real and meaningful relationship. The spicy teas and tasty delicacies I prepare from wild ingredients are the bread and wine in which I have communion and fellowship with nature, and with the Author of that nature.”
Euell Gibbons

Cool stuff. Which herbs, though?


Below, you'll find a list of some of my personal favorite herbs and just a few of their benefits.
1. Basil - Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial. Can be used for stress or pain, as a toner for acne and even as an antiaging ingredient.
2. Calendula - Skin healing, helps relieve congested lymph nodes and helps skin regenerate.
3. Chamomile - Antifungal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Great for irritated skin.
4. Elder - Helps heal wounds, has been used for generations to obtain a beautiful complexion.
5. Lavender - One of the most loved and used herbs. Antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, regenerates skin and soothes inflammation. Heals wounds and fights infection.
6. Lemongrass - Anti-amebic and antibacterial. The infused oil is antifungal and the fresh leaves reduce fever.
7. Mint - Cooling, pain relieving. Eases headaches, nausea, and sore muscles.
8. Peony - Garden flower, can be used as a natural colorant and it has a sweet scent.
9. Pine - High in Vitamin C and antioxidants. Increases circulation.
10. Rose - Remedy for inflammation, astringent, soothing and has an uplifting yet sweet and warm scent.
11. Rosemary - Increases circulation. Aids in hair growth and scalp health. Increases concentration and focus. (find it in SAUCA's Clarity Balm for focus)
12. Sage - Warming, drying. Reduces sweating and is a great antimicrobial. Use precaution if nursing.
13. Sunflower - Soothing, anti-inflammatory, great for hair shine.
14. Thyme - Disinfectant, effective against the bacteria that causes acne.
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Preserve and Infuse

It would be wonderful to always work with fresh herbs and flowers, unfortunately, they are not always in season. They also won't remain fresh for a long time. One way to preserve your herbs and flowers is to freeze them. You can also dry them, and they will retain similar health benefits. With the last option, you are not reliant on electricity and can be used in a wider range of products. Freeze your herbs to make water-based products only (they contain moisture and won't mix properly with oil-based products like balms, butter, etc.).You can dry your herbs by laying them out over a clean dish towel, out of direct sunlight but in a place that gets good air circulation. A quicker method is by using a dehydrator.
Once the herbs and/or flowers are completely dry, you can then infuse them in oils. This way, you can harness all the benefits of the plants and use these oils in homemade products.


At SAUCA we love infusing oils with herbs and adding other essential oils to make our blends. We believe it gives an extra layer of health benefits to our products. Find infused oil recipes in our balms and salves.
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