Parabens: What they are and why you should you care.

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Parabens are chemicals that are commonly used as preservatives to prevent bacteria from growing in cosmetic products. Parabens are currently not regulated in most countries. There have been many reports and articles on these chemicals and many of them agree that they are just "not a big deal", however, many other studies have reported health concerns. These include endocrine disruption, developmental and reproductive toxicity, allergies and immunotoxicity.

Where are Parabens found? Shampoos, conditioners, lotions, facial cleansers, shower cleansers and scrubs.

The regular and basic beauty formula found in most products contains preservatives like Parabens, emulsifiers like Propylene Glycol, Emollients like Petroleum (YES, Petroleum) and Surfactants like Sulfates. All of these chemicals disrupt our skin's regular regeneration process and hurts the epidermis layer of the skin. 

These are some of the Parabens used in common cosmetic products (all ending in -paraben):

  • Methylparaben (E218)
  • Ethylparaben (E214)
  • Propylparaben (E216)
  • Butylparaben 
  • Heptylparaben (E209)
Did you know? Parabens have also been found to be carcinogenic. Past research emphasized their part in fueling the growth of existing cancer cells through their estrogen activity. However, further studies have suggested that Parabens can actually transform healthy cells into cancer cells. Because parabens interfere with the estrogen in the body, they are one of the primary influences in the development of Breast Cancer.

The FDA requires all cosmetic companies to properly label their products, listing all ingredients which may include these preservatives. It is up to us to be properly informed and learn how to nourish our bodies without compromising our health. 

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